Some server changes - Future updates

I always post in the discord when I remove/add new servers but I rarely make blogs about them. So to summarise the latest changes: Magicality RP, Slick Top Gaming and Redacted RP are no longer actively tracked servers. We have recently added Our Benefactors, SVRP and Twitch Paradise RP as tracked servers.


Magicality RP is currently shut down from what I could find from googling. Slick Top Gaming and Redacted RP I couldn't find much about but they haven't been streamed. SoE and Revolution Life RP are currently also candidates for removal but it seems like they do have some activity if not a lot.


SubVersionRP is a heavily streamed server and we have had several requests to add them. It is currently Ming's home for now and apparently some of the Chang Gang members will be stopping by this week to check it out.
Twitch Paradise is another server we added because of a few request and they have a fairly active streamer base. I checked it out last night watching some of the court RP and it definitely seems interesting.
Our Benefactors which is often regarded as Dondi's server despite their mission statement? saying it is not :P The server is highly active with many names from FamilyRP NoPixel and many other servers. They have a strong focus on realism and punishments from what I have seen. Dondi if you didn't know was a semi controversial streamer from No Pixel but his true claim to fame is he is the developer of The Isle. Definitely a server with a lot of potential and worth checking out.

Some of the less recent additions we have added are:
TheCrewRp which has a strong streamer base and Ezilii is their main developer. One of our most recent Helper additions is SimplyAmanda and caretaker of all things regarding The Crew RP who has been busy keeping all of their information up to date. There is a blog in the works to showcase the server a bit more coming in the future.
AnubisRp another recent server addition with a dedicated team and streamers one of which has also joined HasRoot as a helper. MiniBerger is an RPer from the server though doesn't currently stream has come on board to help us out with character data for their server.

The rambling stuff

I have been working on a massive rewrite of the site backend and the Java app that drives it for awhile. It is the one I haven't pushed yet keep talking about. I do hope to push it soonish though. The update will allow a lot better scaling and performance but it also will be bringing multiple game tracking. I have had a couple of requests to add RDR2 RP servers and I definitely want to but it requires quite a lot of changes.

The update will also bring in Twitch logins for streamers to edit their own characters and to enable a privacy mode to prevent meta as suggested by CurvyElephant who also is our second top donor!

The update contains a lot of features and improvements I have been meaning to work on for a long time. The reality is that I have been struggling with motivation when it comes to the site and the bigger the update gets more scared I get to push it to live.. Every time I get to a point where I think it is ready either my anxiety gets the best of me or I end up deciding to overhaul another aspect that is related. I actually started work on the multi game support months ago anticipating RDR2 to immediately blow up but then when it didn't I stopped finishing off those features and worked on others.

These factors have caused a lot of delays and made actually pushing the changes to live a lot more difficult. Many of the changes require altering the existing live database which is not trivial and requires me to take the site down while I carry them out.

That being said I need to stop being a little bitch and suck it up and get it done. RDR2 RP seems to be taking off and that is probably going to be the thing that forces me to launch HasRoot 2.0? Maybe 3.0 or 4.0 but who is counting.

Also test this

One thing is that the new update requires a LOT of testing, while working on everything else I also rewrote how the history page works.I didn't change any of the functionality (so far) but I haven't gave it a ton of testing. When I finished up the rewrite Twitch started getting really weird with VODs so I just moved onto other areas. If you got this far and wanna help test check out these two pages and tell me if you spot any bugs!

NoPixel history test page
FamilyRP history test page

I found that the old history page was getting quite laggy especially now there are a lot more active streamers per server but it can be hard to tell with my 10 year old crappy PC if it was really the codes fault or just just my PC overheating/liking to randomly freeze. I profiled the old version and basically rewrote the majority of areas that were taking the longest time. I think it is a lot better now and I had planned to push that update separately from the major update as it is fairly isolated from the other changes but I haven't got around to doing enough testing of it.

The end

Hope you are all enjoying the site, I hope to make it better for you all in future.
Sean - ScottishRambler.

Last updated at 2020-04-20 21:00:45