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This site is a hobby project by a single developer started in 2017, initially our hosting was provided for free but this is no longer the case. Tips go towards the running costs which increase as the site grows and they help make me feel appreciated for the work I put in. That being said tips are entirely optional but greatly appreciated. If you can't afford to help in this way, there are stil other ways! (See below)

If you have donated or are planning to and would prefer a twitch name rather than initials, your full name or organisation name let me know in the tip or contact ScottishRambler on discord.

For more information about the site, its history and myself check out our about page

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We are always looking for people to help us our with streamer and character data. We have a super simple web based system for users to update streamer profiles

We are also always open to ideas or features we currently do not have. This site was never planned nor were the current set of features and there are definetly room for growth within GTA RP and as a general RP hub. If you want to write blogs showcasing what is happening in the scene, clips or storylines or have any other idea that sounds cool let me know.

If you are interested in any of the above let us known on discord by messaging an admin or staff member or by using the link below (please leave a contact method we can get back to you on).

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I am a pretty shy person so I really hate advertising the site, consequently our only real growth is by worth of mouth. Many people in the GTA RP community are not aware of this site and there is not many ways to find out about it.

If you enjoy using this site and think others would too let them know.