Support Extra Life and Andre_Awesome, raising money for kids.

Once again Andre is raising money for Extra Life, if you haven't heard about Exta Life they raise money for the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Their entire purpose is to unite gamers to help support children going through some of the darkest times of their lives. Since 2008 they have raised $70 million dollars so far for sick and injured children which has been spread between 170 hospitals and provide 32 million treatments a year. !00% of all donations go towards the hospitals. For a bit more background click here.

Andre has been supporting Extra Life for 5 years raising funds for them in anyway way he can. This year he will be doing at least three streams to raise funds for them. He will be playing a variety of games and in various tournaments with other Extra Life Streamers. He is currently live but he will also be streaming on Wednesday and Thursday (coincidentally his birthday - so be sure to wish him a good one) and depending on support a Friday stream. He will be starting his streams at around 2pm est (roughly) and playing a variety of games including tournaments with other Extra Life streamers.

Not only has Andre been a massive supporter of Extra life he was the second person to reach out to Has Root to improve the site, and to this day he is 2nd in character additions only bested by myself. He was also someone who supported me when I would lose faith in the site and always pushed me to take the site further. I would encourage you all to support Extra life and Andre because they deserve it.

Also for only $10 you can make him do 10 pushups and watch him suffer, I REALLY encourage you to do this donation amount, y'know - for the kids!

Go watch now and you can also check out the ExtraLife4Kids Channel!



Last updated at 2020-04-08 01:56:18